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Pastila shop in Moscow
Panfilovsky pereulok
(nearest metro - Smolenskaya, light blue line)

open daily 11.00 - 20.00

Pastila & Presents is the place where the most interesting memorabilia of classical Russian culture, history and sweets are gathered.
If you want to try an authentic natural sweet, just as it was made in the 19th century - beloved of Fyodor Dostoevsky, or to get a musical box which will play Tchaikovky's famous love Aria - or a "Bonbonirer" - a box of sweets made from real Russian fruit and verries - this is the place to come. The core of the shop collection is Russian apple sweets — Pastilla — from Kolomna city outside Moscow.
Anyone visiting Russia wishing to present authentic and memorable presents are bound to find something suitable in our little shop.
Welcome to Pastila & Presents!

Gastronomic specialities from kolomna region

Pastila is a traditional Russian sweet, the recipe of which has been known since the 17th century. Pastila is preparing at the museum factory in the city of Kolomna, located 100 kilometers from Moscow. The production of the pastille is located at this place since the founding of the factories in 1852. At the heart of the Kolomna pastille is puree from mashed apples. To the mashed potatoes are added the freshest egg whites and a little sugar, the pastille is baked in a Russian oven and an airy pastille is obtained, and without the proteins, dense pastilles are obtained by welding. In the pasta can be added various berries, nuts, honey. Pastila contains only natural ingredients, does not contain flour, starch, artificial additives. Packed in boxes with traditionalRussian design


Golden Autumn

Welcome to PASTILA&PRESENTS english language page! We hope you will find Autumn in Moscow as beautiful time colored in gold - the color of Moscow churches head. Make a walk to the park, have a look at the monastery garden, feel freshness of the «… eyes enchanting» time as Alexander Pushkin, famous Russian poet called it. And the shop prepare the presents and gifts related to this time of the year and you will try our season greeting - limonade made apple strop with rosmarin leaves - mmm Autumn.

last news

Pastila confects in milk chocolate "St. Basil's cathedral"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: apple smokva (apples, sugar, vanilla), milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnuts, caramel

Price: 650 RUB

Pastila confects in dark chocolate "The Girl in a Pearl Necklace"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: smokva (apples, berry puree, sugar), dark chocolate

Price: 650 RUB

Pastila "Apple"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: apples, sugar, egg whites

Price: 585 RUB

Dense pastila "Apple smoke with raspberries" Dostoevsky's favourite pastila "Red"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: apples, raspberries, sugar

Price: 585 RUB

Dense pastila "Berry pastila"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: apples, berry mixture (raspberries, strawberries, cowberries, blackcurrants), sugar

Price: 520 RUB

Creamy-coffee cushions "Compliment with openwork"

  • Packing: box
  • Ingredients: apple pastila and decoration (apples, sugar, egg whites), creamy fondant (milk, icing sugar, coffee, butter, vanillin)

Price: 650 RUB

The best of presents

A few more options of Russian gifts related to the traditional recipes, technology or produced in the oldest factories in Russia. Something, that will be more then presents - it can be used in your daily life!

Kolomna Pastila

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In the internet shop

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Tel., WhatsApp +7 (968) 579-20-85



3, Panfilovsky pereulok

(nearest metro - Smolenskaya, light blue line)

open daily 11.00 - 20.00

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